Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Observations

This blog continues to evolve. Instead of a weekly post devoted to my crush for the week, I am replacing that post with "Sunday Observations". Sunday Observations are just my short, random musings of the previous week (if I can get to it). The "Crush" is not going away, there are too many people I like-- it will just be grouped into the "Sunday Observations". Without further adeiu, this today's observations:

1. Through Facebook status updates, Internet forums and comments left by readers to online articles, there are a lot of people who think we need to pray for our country since Obama was elected President. My question, if McCain was elected President, would we not need to pray for our country?

2. Texas Tech is really fun to watch on offense.

3. Georgia should have lost, unbelievable ending. They stopped Kentucky on 4th down, but were called for a facemask. Kentucky's next play was an interception by a defensive lineman who was being blocked. See the clip below.

Alabama should have lost. What was Jarrett Lee thinking on that pass? Your defense blocks a game winning field goal to force overtime and then you throw an interception to give yourself no chance to win the game. Rediculous!

4. Thank goodness I am not a Tennessee fan. Homecoming loss to Wyoming?

5. I was measured for a tux today for my college roommate Jeff's wedding in December. I am a 31 sleeve, 31 waist and 48 overarm. I won't tell you the rest because I don't want you to make life size voodoos of me. You'll have to guess the neck, underarm and all the other random measurements.

Proof that God Exists:
Last season, Bobby Petrino, in the midst of a terrible first season in Atlanta, abandoned his contract, commitment and team and took the head job at the University of Arkansas. He didn't even meet with his team. He left them a letter. Packed his office and left them letters in their lockers. It was gutless.

This year, Arkansas is 4-6 and 1-5 in the SEC (last in their division), including beating might football powers Western Illinois and Louisiana Monroe by a combined 5 points. The Falcons, one of the worst teams in the NFL last season, is 6-3 and second in their division behind rookie Matt Ryan's marvelous play. Justice is served.

Crush of the Week:
Jennifer Pharr Davis. Check this post. How can you not like Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine's Person of the Year?

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