Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I can blog from my phone now. Don't know if that means I'll blog more, but it's fun to think I might.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Playoff 2012

Here's the alternate postseason I proposed last year:
  • Eight team playoff
  • Champion of each automatic qualifying conference gets in.
  • Two at large qualifiers determined by BCS Rankings. Teams from Non AQ conferences are guaranteed a spot if they finish in the top 5 of the final BCS rankings.
  • Higher ranked team hosts in their home stadium in the first round
  • Semifinals are at two of the sites of the Fiesta, Rose, Sugar and Orange bowls on a rotating basis. The two bowls not hosting that year have first choice of non-playoff teams.
  • Finals rotate among the 4 BCS bowls.
This year it would look like this:
  • #8 West Virginia (Big East Champ) at #1 LSU (SEC Champ)
  • #5 Wisconsin (Big10 Champ) at #4 Oregon (PAC 10 Champ)
  • #6 Stanford (at large) at #3 Oklahoma St (Big 12 Champ)
  • #7 Clemson (ACC Champ) at #2 Alabama (at large)
Stanford would have been ranked ahead of Wisconsin but the rankings were reversed to avoid a conference rematch in Round 1.

Hypothetical Semifinals:
  • Rose Bowl: #4 Oregon vs #1 LSU in a rematch of the season opener
  • Fiesta Bowl: #3 Oklahoma State vs #2 Alabama
The other BCS Bowls played these games:
  • Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs Boise St
  • Orange Bowl: Michigan vs Kansas State
The BCS final would be:
  • #1 LSU vs #3 Oklahoma State in the BCS Title game at the Superdome in New Orleans.
  • LSU slipped past Oregon in a much closer game than week 1, 35-30 to get to the game.
  • Oklahoma State played good enough defense to contain Trent Richardson to beat Alabama 27-17.