Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pandora Radio and Coldplay

I have recently discovered Pandora. I listen to music through Pandora on my computer at home and on my iphone at school during my planning period. If you don’t know how Pandora works, you choose “channels”, which are basically artists or bands you like. The program then seeks and finds music that you might like according to the channels you choose.

Almost everytime I listen to Pandora for any significant amount of time, I hear Coldplay’s Yellow. I’ve heard the radio version, the live version and Yellow acoustic. For some odd reason, the song never gets old. I read an interview a few years ago and the musician being interviewed (I can’t remember who it was) was asked what song he wished that he had written. He named like 3 songs, one of them being Yellow.

For your viewing and listening pleasure: Yellow

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