Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I were president

President-elect Obama wants College Football to institute a playoff to replace the flawed BCS. I would like to see that happen. I would also pass a new law that no more teams can do white-outs/black-out/whatever-color-outs.

Georgia Tech Athletics is pushing for a white-out against Miami tonight. All fans wear white. Some are against it, even though white is one of Tech's school colors (if I had a daughter, sir, I dress her in white and gold/And put her on the campus To cheer the brave and bold).

I just think the idea is stupid. It's gotten out of hand too. Too many schools are doing it and it's not cool. Georgia got hammered by Alabama when they had their "blackout" and Florida State always plays like they are a JV team when they do a blackout (see the Boston College game last Saturday).

My legislation would say: No more color outs except:
Penn State, the originator of the white-out. Few things are more amazing than to see Beaver Stadium at capacity (107,282), all their fans in white.

Texas Tech, if they can blackout like they did against Texas, are good to go (sorry, no good pics to be found).

Texas A&M can do their red, white and blue-out.

Everthing else is off limits. No more blackouts at Doak Campbell or Stanford Stadium. No white outs at Bobby Dodd, Kenan Memorial or Bryant-Denny. No orange outs at Clemson Memorial or Neyland. I'm the president and I say so.

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