Monday, November 3, 2008

Georgia Tech-FSU Highlights

Georgia Tech versu Florida State on November 1 was exciting to the finish. Tech had lost the previous 12 games against the Seminoles and when the Noles converted 4th and 6, down by 3 points, I thought we were going to lose another one. When FSU marched to the redzone, I was sure that the game was over. When Marcus Sims took the handoff on 2nd and Goal from the 3 yard line, I wanted to close my eyes. Instead of a defensive stop or a touchdown, I saw the ball come flying into the air-- it was a FUMBLE! You gotta hear Wes Durham call it and see it replayed if you missed it the first time (watch it just to see the stunned reactions of the FSU fans).

Never too young to tailgate: the Forstner twins

Too much garnet in the North Endzone

Go Jackets!

Rushing the field: Tech's first defeat of FSU since 1975.

Atlanta Skyline from East Stands

Celebrating on the field and "Budweiser Song"

Final Score!

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