Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Observations - Mar 1

- Technically, it's Monday morning. No worries, there's about 5 inches of snow outside and school has already been called for tomorrow.

- Track season has begun. It was wet on Monday. 60s Wednesday and Thursday. Rain Friday. Snow tonight means no practice tomorrow. And we run our first meet this coming Thursday. Good news is that there are almost 30 girls out for track this year after barely having 10 last year.

- Random Historical Trivia: We are studying the Romans in my classes. So you know, Caesar's Salad is not Italian and not named after Julius or any of the Caesars of Rome. It's actually Mexican, invented at a whim by some guy named Cesar who thought it would be a good idea to throw romaine, fish and raw eggs together into a salad. When it caught on and moved north, Cesar's Salad became Caesar's Salad.

- This weekend, I went with the Grace High Schoolers to Camp Willow Run for the second winter retreat with Atlee and Hope churches from Virginia. The title of the retreat was Unleash[ed]. It was pretty dang stinking awesome.

- God is bigger than me. God is big enough. Why can't I understand that?

Crush of the Week:
I have only known Pete Bowell (below left, acting a skit) for only one year. I've only met him twice and both times were at Willow Run Winter Retreat. But I appreciate him a so much because he is honest and he is real. He is the Youth Minister at Hope Church in Richmond, VA. Pete shares from experience and shares from his heart. And he loves students. He has spent an entire career ministering to students.
He and Brian Land and Mike Abbamonte team up to make this winter retreat happen. Brian loves Pete too. I love Brian. Thus I must love Pete.

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