Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Observations - Mar 22

- Just got back from the first ever Dude's Awesome Golf weekend at Pawleys Island. Played some good golf, ate great food and had lots of laughs. Thank you Hart, Mains, Joyce, Fresh and Auten for good times.

- One of my favorite things to experience is hitting a golf ball in the sweet spot of a long iron. Fortunately, I got to experience that a few times over the weekend.

- Dave Mains makes a mean boil. It is one of life's great pleasures.

- As of right now, my ESPN bracket is ranked ahead of 99.4 percent of other brackets.

- Anthony Robles, last week's crush, ended up finishing 4th at the NCAA Championships. Congratulations on All-American status.

- Nature is awesome. I I don't mean just pretty flowers and majestic mountains. We watched a hawk killing a squirrel just 15 feet away from us. It swooped down and knocked the squirrel from the side of the tree and was slowly killing the animal on the ground. It was amazing. Everytime the squirrel moved or squealed, the hawk readjusted and squeezed harder. Sure, I felt bad for the squirrel, but in nature, there is no life without death.

Man-Crush of the Week:
John Hart is the man. He secured his family's beachhouse at Pawleys Island, made all the tee times and was coordinator extraordinaire. The golf weekend does not happen without John doing a bunch of the legwork.

John Hart and I were both hired by Charles Thomas in the summer of 2000. Since then, we've made road trips, played lots of golf, some poker and had many good laughs. John is the one friend that I know that is always up for a round of golf or a trip for wings-- even after having a baby. Speaking of babies... somehow, John thought that it would be a good idea if I were Sydney's (below) godfather.
Alright Hart, I'll meet you at the Dixie Diner. Bring your clubs...

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