Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I Like Where I Live

1) We were playing ultimate at Brevard College on Sunday. Right beside us were some students practicing music. Come on, where else are you gonna get hot frisbee combined with mellow violin? It's pretty special to run down a frisbee while being serenaded by smooth, classical sounds of a small orchestra.

2) I ran out and did a few errands during my planning period today. What should have taken 30 minutes took almost 90. In other places, delays are because there are too many people in your way. Today, delays were because there were people. And people are great.

-Went to Insurance Company to pay auto premium. Could have been in and out, but talked with the girl behind the counter for a while because she wanted to know how my classes were. We chatted like we were best friends.

- Off to the courthouse to pay car (and motorcycle) tax. Ran into a father of one the kids I wrestled with over 12 years ago. We spend 15 minutes catching each other up.

- Swing by bike shop to pick up mountain bike that was getting tuned up. Me and the mechanic talk it up. He doesn't know anyone with a Bob Trailer I can borrow. I am disappointed. But I am happy about a clean and tuned bike.

- Run by jewelry store to drop off my broken necklace. Lady remembers me from last fall and proceeds to lecture me on how I should not wear that special (it was my mother's) and expensive piece of jewelry to wrestling practice. I guess she could have encouraged me to keep doing it so I could bring the necklace in every 3 months, but she doesn't want me to break it anymore. It was funny. And sweet.

- Stop into Chik-Fil-A on the way back to the school for lunch. Randomly run into Steve McNamara, our local FCA coordinator and whom I was thinking about calling yesterday to bounce some ideas. Providential timing. Shake hands, hug and then he buys my lunch.

In other places, too many people get in your way and slow you down. Where I live, too many people get you a free lunch.

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Emily said...

I like where you live too! Good story