Monday, March 30, 2009

A little "mystory"

In the mid to late 1970s, Cambodia was home to one of the worst genocides of the 20th Century. The Khmer Rouge (Red Cambodians) were responsible for the death of nearly 2 million innocent Cambodians who were thought to be too intellectual, educated or threatening to the regime. I was born in the middle of the period known to many as the "Killing Fields".

Here we are, three decades later, and the legacy of Pol Pot's regime still lingers. Justice has never been served in the eyes of many Cambodians. Pol Pot died in prison in 1998 before he could be brought to trial and held accountable for his atrocities. I remember my sister crying in anger at the news and the idea that he "got off easy". She, along with many of my siblings, can tell vicious stories of living during the Khmer Rouge. As if living in poverty was not bad enough, there was an entire nation living in trembling fear.

Thank you for reading some of the past that is my history. Here are a few recent articles that are evidence of the impact that the Khmer Rouge still has on the country:

Khmer Rouge Prison Chief Goes on Trial - 30 March 2009
Ex-Khmer Rouge Still Dominates Regions Cambodia - 28 March 2009
Some Visit Pol Pot's Grave Looking For Luck - 28 March 2009


Courtney said...

I am so very grateful for your life...just so you know.

heanguy said...

Thanks Courtney, love you too.