Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Observations - Mar 8

- Daylight savings... I love it. We played frisbee until 6:30 and there was still an hour of sunlight left! I know, it messes up the cows. But I like having extra light to bike, run and play.

- Last summer, I had a connection in Phoenix on my way back from the West Coast. All the clocks in the airport were wrong. They were an hour behind my clock and what I thought Mountain Time should be. Finally, I realized that Arizona (along with Hawaii, Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) does not observe Daily Savings and exists only to annoy me.

- Ever wonder how time zones came about? It was because of the railroads. Prior to time zones, every city had it's own local time. Conceivably, Charlotte could be 12:22 and Asheville 12:11. To make things simpler, they came up with standard time zones.

Russia, the world's largest country, has 11 time zones (compared to 6 in US). Incredibly, China only has one time zone. It is the same time everywhere in China.
- Here are photos from snow on Hillpark Drive earlier in the week. High by Friday was 74. Crazy.

- The Archer Farm chips at Target are great. Try the Cheddar Jalapeno. Also, I like their tortilla chips better than Tostitos and they are much cheaper.

- Sushi makes me happy. I had it twice this week.

- It's here! New Belgium is distributing in North Caroliina. I happened to walk into World Market after church today and ran into the display for Fat Tire! It was a like a shrine. It even has a fancy little bit on the label commemorating Fat Tire's arrival in NC:
- What did I do on my snow days? I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (the extended cuts) and enjoyed every minute. I had actually never seen Return of the King. I had bought the Trilogy two years ago on ebay and promised that one day when I was snowed in I would watch them all. Unfortunately, all our snow sucked. Until this week.

Crush of the Week:
I have never been skiing. It's too bad, I think I would like it and might even be decent. Just never felt like I could afford it. But I love watching winter sports. Whether it's hockey, skiing, bobsleigh/luge or curling, sports on snow and ice are fun to watch.
Lindsey Vonn is the number one female skier in the world. Despite injuring her hand celebrating a previous victory, the Park City, Utah resident placed 12th in the downhill in Bulgaria last week and basically secured herself a World Cup title. In looking at some of her results, I noticed she won in Lake Louise in December. Everyone brags on the town Banff in the Canadian Rockies, but give me Lake Louise over Banff any day.


Emily said...

dang heang super informative as always, too bad we have different feelings about daylight savings, at least for now, I HATE waking up in the dark. Didn't know the railroad bit... and look at all that snow! WOW... and yeah for flat tire in the carolinas... wonder when they'll make their way up north?

Kate said...

Two things:
1. Hooray for Fat Tire in NC - that makes something to look forward to after next week's move (okay, starting tomorrow!)
2. Go skiing. It's fun.
And a third for good measure: I'm with Em, I could do without daylight savings.

heanguy said...

Really, you guys would rather it be dark at 5:30?