Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lent and the Inside of my Car.

Today is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, a day of gluttony and excess before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Catholic (though also observed by many Protestants) celebration of Lent. Traditionally, pilgrims will fast or sacrifice in the 40 days heading into Easter. It makes me wonder: what can I do without?

My brother spent January to October of 2008 travelling in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. One of the lessons he said he learned in his travels was that he had too many material possessions. There was a lot he could do without.

At the State Wrestling Tournament this past weekend, my dear friend Courtney Mills Jones Willis picked me up and we had coffee, chatted and caught up with one another. Thanks to Facebook and Blogger, we stay pretty up to date on each other and our other friends. A recent Facebook phenom is for friends to make a list of 25 Random Things about them for their friends to read. Here is Courtney's list. Number 13 stood out to me:
I really struggle with feelings of materialism. I really want to "want" less and be more content with my needs. Yet, I really like having a nice house, cute clothes, and I REALLY love my Jeep...it's sad. I'm working on it.

Finally, about a week ago, I called my friend Kate who was packing and is soon to be moving back to the East Coast after nearly two years in Eugene, Oregon.
I said, "Hey Kate! What are you doing?"
Kate responded, "I am trying to figure out how to fit my life into my car."
At that moment, I was knocked over by such profound philosophy.

It was beautiful! Excluding furniture, f I could fit my life into my car, I would probably be an amazingly more happy, efficient and joyous person. The problem is that I love all the junk I have...

What can I do without? Some of my clothing? Kitchen stuff (Lord know that I don't use those enough) or my photographic equipment? My books? What about all my outdoor gear like bikes, tents (do I really need 2.5 tents)?

Are my material possession bad? Absolutely not!
Can I do without some things? Absolutely yes!
The question is, what can I do without?

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Kate said...

Glad to be part of this great post! I'm getting there...and making money in the meantime (probably not the philosophical awakening you were going for, but I gotta buy gas somehow, right?!)