Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Observations - Feb 1

- Just got done watching a surprisingly exciting Super Bowl.

- Commercials not really great. But you did have your talking babies and man getting hit in the groin commercials. Those seem to be the recipes for success.

- Can "Go Daddy" go away? Their commercials stopped being interesting and original a long time ago.

- Coke always has a nice commercial. I liked the animated insect one. And my favorite last year was the Charlie Brown Macy's balloon commercial.

- I love Bruce Springsteen but I did not love the halftime show. Don't get me wrong, the Boss still rocked. I guess I might have set the expectations too high. My favorite show is still the 2002 U2 show.

- The worse thing about the whole Blagojevich impeachment: I think the former governor really believes he's telling the truth when he says he did nothing wrong.

- New "Transformers" and "GI Joe" movies coming soon. I find myself excited about that. I also feel like I am 9 years old again.

- Knights wrestling update: Lost to Pisgah on Tuesday and beat Brevard on Thursday. North is the second seed from the Western Athletic Conference in this week's playoffs.

The Knights did, however, win the WAC Conference Tournament yesterday. It was our second tournament title in a row. North had 7 in the finals and 6 went on to win their weight classes (including German Ramirez, pictured above, Conference Champ at 103).

Crush of the Week:
For a guy who turns 60 this year, he still is able to move and rock out. The Boss has not aged in 20 years. Here's a guy who played at Obama's inauguration just a week ago, the Super Bowl today and just released the first single off his new album. The Boss still rules... 'Nuff said!


Two said...

Steelers rocked! I wasn't too impressed with Bruce. He is a great guy, and his music is alright but the halftime show seemed sorta boring.

Jennie Fisher said...

Hi Heang! I miss you and am excited to enter the world of blogging. I think you are pretty right on with your comments!