Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crush of the Week: Bay-Bay

So Georgia Tech quarterback Jaybo Shaw completed 9 out of 13 passes for 230 yards in GT's 27-0 shutout of Duke. Tech redshirt sophomore receiver Demaryius (Bay-Bay) Thomas caught 9 passes for 230 yards. In other words, all the passes caught and receiving yards gained by the Yellow Jackets was by one player. I cannot think of a time when one player accounted for all his team's receiving yards. It wasn't just his stats either, the 6-3 receiver showed great hands, leaping abilities and speed. He made a great leaping catch between two defenders that reminded me of the days Calvin Johnson was on the Flats, his screen pass from the Tech 2 yard line should have been tackled for a loss, and then there was the wide open 88 yard touchdown reception that put the game further out of reach. Remember Bay-Bay, because he has great potential, even in Paul Johnson's option offense and because he's this week's crush.

Near Crushes:
Sarah Palin: I sure do like the way she winks at me and talks like she knows me. Doesn't mean I'll necessarily vote for the vice presidential nominee's ticket, but sure can crush on her.
Barack Obama: the presidential candidate stumped in Asheville today. ASHEVILLE, NC!! Like it or not, North Carolina matters. I'm not telling you how to vote, I'm just asking that you vote-- your vote matters!


Anonymous said...

Ill tell u...VOTE OBAMA

Revolu said...

glorious post indeed young heang. ask jessie about sarah palin. the response you get will be fairly...well...just ask.