Saturday, October 18, 2008


Clemson Memorial Stadium and Howard's Rock

Our prime tailgating spot

The view from the Upper Deck

Perhaps my favorite game every year is Georgia Tech-Clemson. Rankings don't matter because when these two teams play, it is often entertaining and memorable. I was at Clemson Memorial Stadium today for another game. Though Clemson is going through a lot of turmoil with this week's firing of Tommy Bowden, an interim coach and new quarterback, the game was not decided until Clemson's final pass was intercepted by Morgan Burnett to end the game and secure Tech's 21-17 victory.

I love coming to Death Valley because I know it's going to be good, competitive football. Sure, the orange annoys me and so does the "C-L-E-M-S-O----N" chant (my least favorite chant in the world), but the tailgating is always good, the girls pretty and the games sometimes amazing. Even today's game, though Tech forced 6 turnovers and Clemson had all the off field distractions was much closer than I would of liked it to be. It was an ugly victory, but as my friend Paul wisely said, "Anytime you leave Clemson with a win, it's a good day."

I was sitting beside this kid (Tech fan from Gwinnett) and he was cracking me up with his sarcasm and annoyance at all things Clemson. He told me he learned two things today: what a tiger sounds like (in reference to the Tiger growl/purr/meow that incessantly gets played during the games) and how to spell Clemson (see previous paragraph referencing my least favorite chant).


Emily said...

C - L - E - M - S - O -------- N!

Do you have any tiger friends other than me... I hope not with that language!

heanguy said...

Awww, Emily...
I have lots of Tiger fans... just most of them can't read ;)

Lindsay said...

Read this: We may be down this year, but we'll never go away. Orange is great!

(At least we don't ride around in a lame old car. The hill trumps the car!)

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