Monday, October 27, 2008

Co-Crushes of the Week: Even hotter than Condi Rice

Spent the weekend in the nation's capital. Got to hang out and see two of the coolest people I know. Cindy works at the Library of Congress and designs cool graphic layouts and somehow is always right in everything she says and does. M-stu is a nursing student at Marymount and is among the most gregorious of all my friends. Both are great gals, play frisbee (photo above taken after frisbee on the National Mall) and hotter than the current Secretary of State.

Near Crushes:
Sarah Palin... the Alaska governor makes near crush status again, but can't seem to break into "Crush-land". Her appearance in Asheville on Sunday puts her back on the near crush list. Dressed in jeans and a black jacket, she doesn't look much like a person whose woredrobe came from Nieman Marcus or Saks. Oh, I forgot, she's a hockey mom...

Ted Ginn, Jr... put me into the category of haters. I thought he was a bust after last year. The 'Fins wasted a first round pick on a punt returner? Jeez! 7 catches for 175 yards in Miami's defeat of the AFC East leading Bills. One game does not make a career but, hopefully, Ginn can build on this week's excellent performance.

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