Sunday, June 6, 2010


I hate stereotypes. You know, those generalizations we make about certain groups based on bias, misinformation or just pure ignorance. Things like jocks are stupid, Asians are good at math (man, I blew that one), and all politicians are crooked (okay, there might be a lot of truth there).

Despite my hatred of stereoptyping, I am going to point out a few things that I have noticed while I've been on my bike. I know it is not fair to everyone who falls into these categories, but I cannot help but to generalize:

First, when I am riding, obnoxiousness has a direct correlation with the size and sound of your vehicle. The bigger and louder, the more likely you are going to try to pass close, yell obscenities or rediculousness (like "Go Lance") or just be plain rude. I've never encountered a bad experience with a Prius, Accord or Focus. It's always a loud and/or large truck. I am convinced the men who drive these trucks are very small, if you know what I mean. Why else would they hang these from the back?

Second, based on my observations on a bike, anyone who drinks Coors Light, Natural Light or anything that has "Bud" anywhere in the name will end up depositing said can or bottle along the roadway sometime. Rarely have a seen a "premium" beer can on the side of the road on one of my rides, much less a microbrew. I think I saw a Heineken once, but I hate Heineken. My guess is that the beer cans came from the large and loud trucks described above.

There it is. I'm a biased jerk. I apologize in advance if when I see your truck I tense up in fear of your 3 ton vehicle and duck my head to miss the can that you're gonna throw at me.


Courtney said...

I drink Bud Light exclusively, but I drive a do those cancel each other out?! :)

heanguy said...

Mathematically, yes. I do know now, however, that I should bring my own beer when I come over.

How's the 'Ru treating you?