Monday, May 31, 2010

My Health

In the winter, I went to the doctor and they wanted to do some blood tests. Everything came back perfect... except my cholesterol. This was of concern because my father has struggled with high blood pressure and had a bypass and my mother died of an an aneurysm.

Dr. Bryant said, "I could put you on medication, but you wouldn't take them would you?" I said he was probably right. So he told me to watch what I eat and try to get it lower. Otherwise, I would have to be on medication.

Last week, I went back for a check up. My cholesterol came down over 60 points. I went from high to normal. My triglycerides dropped considerably. Dr. Bryant was pretty impressed. He asked what I did different. I told him I read labels. I honestly don't feel like I ate much differently than before and told him so. We were both pretty excited though.

In celebration, I swung by KFC today to order the infamous Double Down. It's bacon, two cheeses and a fatty sauce stuck in between two breaded chicken breasts. It has 540 calories (less than a Big Mac), 32 grams of fat, 145 mg of cholesterol and more salt than the Dead Sea. But it was delicious. I know, I'm a glutton.

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Courtney said...

As soon as I read the sentence about you taking medication, I thought, "But Heang probably wouldn't take them."...right before you wrote that's what the dr. said! love it!
glad you're healthier (cholesterol is an issue for me too) & I can't believe you ate one of those chicken sandwiches....gross. :)