Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28: Bend to Chickahominy BLM Campground. 108.8 miles on my odometer. It was a haul, the sun was relentless, but I made it. And I had some cool encounters:

Brothers School
This is the school in Brothers, Oregon. I stopped in Brothers, almost 40 miles from Bend, for lunch at the post office/cafe/gas station/store. I was asking about the school, it looked like a great place to learn. Unfortunately, there are not enough students to open the school. The school hasn't been in use for at least six years, though they still maintain the grounds. About 14 students from the very rural area meet in Brothers and are bussed 50 miles (one way!) to Prineville.

I was riding down the road and saw this red object ahead. I was excited to see another biker. When I caught up, it wasn't a biker after all. It was Ray Brown, a retired teacher from Eugene, who is walking across America to raise awareness of, as his business card says, "American history, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights." I thought I had it tough biking across America; Ray is WALKING! Here's his blog:

I am digging his trailer.

Ray Brown walking across the country

Lastly, it's late in the day and I am physically and mentally exhausted. As I grinding my way down the road I see a truck pulled over with a guy waving at me. He’s offering me water. I was more than happy to stop. Charlie works for the state and is checking fish habitats. He said that there were times when he bike toured that he wished someone would offer him water. I wasn’t in dire need of water, but I wasn’t going to turn away water in the desert either. I like good people.
Free Water

I had one bad incident: somewhere along the way, I lost my travel companion. Baron fell off between Bend and Millican. I can almost pinpoint where I lost him. I stopped for a photo, unstrapped him to get to something in my pannier and didn’t strap him back. Unfortunately, I was 10 beyond and just climbed a pass. Hopefully, Baron is happy wherever he is. This is the last photo I have of him.
Last shot of Baron

Random non-bike thoughts- the theme is things I miss/will miss:

- I miss watching World Cup with friends. Excited about Tour de France.

- I miss summer mornings drinking coffee and reading the paper at Black Bear.

- I will miss the College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium.


Kate said...

Oh, short life Baron...I'd offer to send you a replacement companion, but I'm not real sure how to do that.

Charlie said...

HKU - Baron would like to join you on the rest of your trip. I read your blog and recognized the location of his "last" photo - I found him on the descent after your posted picture (yeah, pathetic, but I know the highway pretty well since I've been on it more than a few times). If you give me an address I'll get him to you ASAP - I'm sure he would enjoy the rest of the trip. - Charlie

heanguy said...

Charlie! Awesome... you my friend are amazing. Send me an email and I'll give you an address. Thanks!

Emily said...

good to have friends!