Monday, June 28, 2010

Equipment List

In case you were wondering, here's what I have packed with me:

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Bike Accessories:
Cateye Strada Computer w/ Cadence
Delta Rack
Topeak Compact Handlebar bag
Crank Brothers Candy C Pedals
Soma Fenders
Planet Bike front and rear lights
Ortlieb Backroller rear panniers

Bob Yak w/ Drybag
Bungee Net

Camping Equipment:
REI Quarter Dome T2 Tent -
REI Quarter Dome footprint
Mountain Hardwear Phantom 30 Sleeping Bag
REI Lite Core 1.5 Sleeping Pad
REI Camplite Pillow
Snowpeak Giga Stove
GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset
MSR Camp Towel
Petzl Zipka headlamp
Pur Hiker waterfilter
Camelbak MULE
20 feet nylon rope

3 Cycling Shorts
3 Cycling Jerseys
1 Midlayer
1 Rain Jacket (Marmot Aegis)
1 Rain Pant (North Face Hyvent DT)
2 Off Bike shorts
3 Off bike shirts
2 underwear (Ex Officio)
2 pairs socks
1 armwarmers (Pearl Izumi)
1 Diadora X-Trail Mt bike shoes (easier to walk in than road shoes)
Louis Garneau Ozzy bike helmet
Adidas Evil Eye sunglasses
prescription glasses
Teva Sandals
Mountain Hardwear beanie
Sea to Summit Mosquito headnet

Bike Stuff:
2 Cable Locks
1 26" Tube
1 16" Tube (for trailer)
Patch kit
Topeak Pocket Rocket mini pump
Crank Brothers M19 multitool
Gerber Suspension Pliers Multitool
duct tape
electric tape
7 zip ties

Laptop w/ case
Canon Powershot S90
iphone 3G
Kensington back-up battery for iphone
Joby mini tripod

1 Sock Monkey named Baron

These items do not include basic hygiene products and food that I may or may not be carrying. Are there things I could do without? Most definitely. Having the pillow, while not necessary, does help me at night. Blogging would be very difficult without my laptop. Hopefully, some things-- the rain jacket, mosquito net and spare tubes-- only get minimal use. Let's also hope that all this stuff makes it back in one piece.


Meandering Woods said...

Hey man, trip seems to be going well! Your equipment list seems pretty solid. I've never biked across the US but in my travels I find that going light is one key. The other is Ex Officio. Looking forward to the next installment of your travels!

Cam T said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying. Hang in there! If not, I'll have a crazy, South African art teacher come after you. And be sure "Nancy" will be running close behind carrying her purse.

Cam T said...

Plus I have lots of family in Boise if you need anything. They even run an outfitter supply company for any supply needs.

Kate said...

Only two pairs of socks? Ew.

Emily said...

would you do it different now?