Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Observations - May 17

- This is the last Sunday Observations. I am afraid I am getting too routine. Also, I don't feel so creative. Future blog entries will be more random and less predictable. Keep checking back and thanks for reading.

- Most of the last week was consumed with preparing for the Regional Track Meet which we were hosting again. All week I was worried about rain. The morning was cloudy. The rest of the day was a rotating mixture of clouds, bright sun and light rain. The light rain was actually nice, it cooled things off and made for pleasant conditions. The meet was running very well.

And then 5:00 hit. We were in the middle of the boys 3200 with only the girls and boys 4x400 remaining when we were greeted by thunder and lightning from above. We had to stop the 3200 mid-race and move everyone inside our cafeteria. The rain came with the thunder and lightning and we delayed the meet until almost 7:30. At that time, we returned outside and finished what was left of the 3200 and the 4x400s.

- Ten years ago, we would have finished the 3200 even with lightning around us. Not anymore. In the interest of safety (and to avoid potential litigation), the rules are strict. No competition at the sight of lightning or the sound of thunder. You may resume after 30 minutes from the last lightning. Every time there is new lightning or thunder, the clock starts over. About twice, we were 15 minutes from starting and then new lightning. It was frustrating.

- My team finished 6th. Qualified Ty in the 100, Catie in the 800 and 1600 and the 4x100 and 4x400 relays.

- Quote of the Week I:
"Coach Uy, were you born in the 40s or the 50s."
This was a serious question one of my students asked me while doing independent work. Obviously, I am not aging as well as I had previously thought.

- Quote of the Week II:
"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." - CS Lewis

- North Carolina this week passed a ban on smoking in most indoor public places. I abhor smoking. I hate going to places that make me smell like an ashtray when I leave. The one thing a person can do that will make them instantly unattractive to me physically is to smoke.

After NC's smoking ban, bars brace for uncertain times

I do, however, believe that private businesses that do not allow children (ie bars, nightclubs), should allow smoking if they choose. They can also choose to not allow smoking. Adults should be able to decide for themselves what they want to do with their business and their health. I usually prefer not to visit Hannah Flannagan's at night because I reek when I leave. Westville Pub, a non-smoking bar, is one of my favorite places in Asheville to eat, drink and meet friends.And to the bar owner in the article linked above, Westville and Jack of the Wood are both non-smoking. Walk by there any evening and they are also both full of customers. If you have a good product, people will come. Give me a clean and fun atmosphere, good food and drink, friendly service, good music and my friends and I'll be there.

Crush of the Week:
After the retirement of Dan Marino, the face of the Miami Dolphins belonged to two individuals: Zach Thomas (54 below) and Jason Taylor (Number 99). Both players, who happen to be brother in laws, moved on to different teams last season: Thomas with the Cowboys and Taylor to the Redskins.Jason Taylor spent last season underacheiving. Some of it was due to a calf injury. Some because of a new defensive scheme that did not take advantage of the skills of the 6 time Pro Bowler and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Part of it, I like to believe, is because he missed Miami. He would fly home every week to be with his family who stayed in South Florida.

Now, JT is home! Sometimes players tell you it's not about the money and you know it's not true. Jason Taylor signed one year for 1.5 million. That's a lot for me, but a mere penance for a former Defensive Player of the Year. He could have signed a one year deal with lots of teams for more than that. He walked away from 1 year, 8.9 million dollar contract that he could have signed with Washington.
I truly think it's not about the money. I believe he wants to be close to his family and home. He wants to continue to work in the community in South Florida through the charities he supports. And he wants to retire as a Miami Dolphin. When I read the article, I was elated! Dancing, singing, whooping elated.

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man i like the sunday updates. not routine here. gives a bit of stability to your blog. but having random things helps for sure. anyways...i hope they return every once and awhile.