Monday, May 11, 2009

HB 593

HB 593

I'm a fan. Basically, it says that schools can start as soon as August 8 each year. The current law, pushed by the tourism industry and many parents, mandates a start no earlier than August 25.
Here are some reasons why I am emailing my Representative:

1) Local control. Each district should be able to choose the calendar that's best for them. NC is too diverse a state geographically and economically to box us all into the same package.

2) Snow days. The current schedule makes it difficult to make up snow days.

3) Fall sports. Our football, soccer, volleyball and cross country coaches start on August 1. That's three weeks of practice they have before the first day. That's three weeks out of their summer and out of the athletes' summers.

4) Exams. Final exams for high schools on the block schedule will be before Christmas break instead of that odd period the second or third week of January.

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Emily said...

when are you starting for 2009?