Monday, September 1, 2008

Is God a Republican?

"Bush, Cheney to miss Republican convention" from Reuters

The far right would like you to believe that God leans Republican. Further evidence of this theory is shown in the timing of Hurricane Gustav and the fact that Bush and Cheney must now leave to attend to matters of national importance. For his entire campaign, McCain has carefully distanced himself from Bush. He has neither courted the administration or actively sought their endorsement. This is rare for a candidate representing the party of an incumbent.

Bush's scheduled appearance at the Republican National Convention would have not helped McCain with moderate and swing voters. It would have further galvanized the conservative base, but McCain does not need help with them. Bush, with his less than 30 percent approval rating [by the way, click on this link for a great visual of GW's presidency], would have chased away many middle of the road voters. Thank goodness for divine intervention...

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