Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crush of the Week

Alright, I am starting a new post called "Crush of the Week". It is to recognize someone I am: secretly infatuated with, dangerously obsessed with, or just pretty darn impressed with. This week's crush is actually a "man-crush". So I hearby introduce my man-crush of the past week: Ronnie Brown, running back for the Miami Dolphins.
Look at his stat line today: 113 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns on just 17 carries. That's 6.6 yards an attempt! Ronnie was also 1-1 passing, the completion going for 19 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Oh, and he had 1 catch for 9 yards. Between 4 rushing touchdowns and 1 passing, Brown accounted for 30 of Miami's 38 points in a 38-13 rout of New England and handing the Patriots their first regular season loss in over almost two years.

Look, it's been really hard to be a Dolphins fan for the last few years. I am a realist; I don't expect them to win the Super Bowl. I just want to see that my team is getting better and today was a step in that direction...

Near Crushes: Michael Johnson, DE GaTech for his two pass deflections, fumble recovery, fourth down sack AND blocked field goal in Tech's 38-7 victory over Miss St (cool that both my teams scored 38); Dot Case, Rachel Durant, and Kathryn Bailey for bringing lots of yummy food after my tooth extractions.

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