Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crush of the Week: Nora

I was in the car the other day and this song came over the radio. If I could choose one person to sing to me at night, it might be Norah Jones. That voice is is therapy, it would be a good end to a tough day. She's not the most amazing voice, nor does she have the most range. She just works and for that, she's this week's crush. Thank you free radio for bringing her to me and reminding me of someone I've forgotten about for a while.

Near Crushes: Jan Stanley, volleyball coach at West Henderson for setting a new record for career coaching wins; Jim Lehrer, for trying, despite their attempts otherwise, to get the candidates to actually answer the question in front of them.

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Nova said...

I love me some nora. she always makes me relaxed and happy. have you heard her version of somewhere over the rainbow? you have to youtube it. its maya's 2nd favorite nora song, come away with me being her first. come away with me reminds me of playing in the snow