Thursday, July 3, 2008

When in Montana

Just got back from Montana. Spent 4 days on the Missouri River on a near perfect trip. I highly recommend Missouri River Outfitters if you want to experience the Missouri River the way that Lewis and Clark did. If you are in the area, look up Mike and Meredith, they are amazing and will take good care of you. Great hospitality, friendly service, and amazing food all within the pristine setting of the scenic Misouri River. Five stars!

Missouri River Outfitters website

If you are lucky, you'll also run into one of my favorite people, Mr. Scottie Peters. We call him Mr. Scottie and he took care of the NCCAT crew (with the help of Renee, John, Whitney, Lona and Neal).

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Cyndi Jarvis said...

Hey Heang,
I read through and looked at your blog. I saw myself in one of the pictures. Cool! Miss ya.