Thursday, July 17, 2008

My fantasty foursome

I read this funny piece by Rick Reilly today.

Made me think, if I were to create a celebrity foursome, who would it entail? I'm not a professional, so I want to play golf with people I like so that golf will be fun. Hitting three balls off the tee into the lake is not fun. In fact, it's terribly frustrating. But with the right foursome, a bad day on the course is still better than a day of work. These would be the other three members of my foursome:

1) Maria Sharapova because she's got a nice [tennis] swing, she's smart and I bet she's a pretty good golfer. Plus, she's not bad on the eyes.
2) Jennifer Love Hewitt seems fun, intelligent and interesting and doesn't have some of the baggage that comes with some other celebrities. Plus, she's not bad on the eyes.3) Charles Barkley is hilarious and not afraid to tell the honest truth. He would keep us laughing. Two things he has going is that I am going to be the more attractive man in the group and I will definitely beat Sir Charles. I may lose to Maria and Jennifer, but there's no way I can lose to Chuck.

Check out his swing (I love that he asks God to bless the ball in the first video):

Check out Tiger impersonating Charles Barkley's swing:

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Revolu said...

oh dear. you're in for some trouble here.