Saturday, July 12, 2008


The name means: Plated Lizard
Lived: 156-140 million years ago
Length: 26-30 feet
Height: 9 feet at hips
Weight: 6,800 lbs
Interesting fact: Despite weighing over a ton, it's brain was about the size of a walnut

Why am I blogging about a stegosaurus? Because it came up in conversation 3 times this week:

1) Monday, lunch with Kirkpatricks and Ryan's son, Carter and Scott's two boys all had Stegosaurus shirts that their grandparents (Ryan's parents) got for them in Eugene at the Olympic Trials.
2) Biking at Dupont on Thursday with Dylan and Matthew. It was wet from the previous night's rain and I said it was like Jurrasic Park because of the green and moisture. Then commented that it would be cool to see a Stegosaurus. Dylan was not as thrilled.
3) Game night at Jenny's and we're playing Taboo. I can't remember what the right answer was, but someone guessed Stegosaurus during the game. By the way, the boys totally ruled the girls in Taboo, winning twice in a row.

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