Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Home Stretch

Yesterday, my brother joined me in north Georgia. We got to hang out and camp. It was nice. Today, he hauled my trailer and gear while I biked the 68 miles to Carnesville, GA. He hiked, took pictures and toured in the car and we met up for a late lunch. It was nice not having the extra gear. Especially after I crested Neel's Gap and could go down the other side like I was in the Tour de France. After lunch, I hooked up the trailer and reattached the panniers and was off for the last 30 miles to Elberton.

Tomorrow, John Williams, my assistant wrestling coach, his wife Wendy and their daughter Sophia are gonna come and join me on the trip. John is gonna take the gear and I'm gonna ride hard. Wendy might join me for a few miles also.

I've got another friend (or two) who are deciding if they can come join me for a few miles at the end. I hope they do. The plan is to arrive at Folly Beach on Saturday afternoon. I can almost taste the salt water and feel the sand; something I haven't done in over 3200 miles.

And here's Tyrone Rucker, from Elberton, GA. He loved the idea I was riding across the country. He didn't want to take a picture of me; he wanted me to take a picture of him:
Tyrone Rucker

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Anonymous said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I'm one of Ruth's friends (and Mary Stuart's new roommate). Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Long distance biking is something I'd like to try someday even though I have absolutely no experience (maybe since we have mutual friends I'll be able to pick your brain one of these days). :) I'm glad your trip has been so rewarding! Way to go! And best wishes during the final days of your trek.