Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back on the Bike

Today, I got back on the bike and went for a little ride. The rule I've created is that it is fine for me to have multiple bikes as long as they get used. So I grabbed the road bike for a spin. Man, was it awkward.

A bike is a bike is a bike. Bikes are a lot like people. We have a basic anatomy, but within that are so many variations. Some of us are tall. Michael Phelps has disproportionally long arms. Our frames are different: Bone structure, density, muscular development.

Let's not forget that I was on Bella, my Surly Long Haul Trucker almost every day for nearly two months. You get used to things. So today, on my K2 road bike, it was like riding a brand new bike:

- Man, the K2 is light. Somewhere around 13 pounds of aluminum and carbon unlike Bella's 27 pounds or so.

- I had to relearn clipping in as the road bike has Look pedals and the touring bike has Crank Brothers.

- I like the bar end shifters on the Surly, but I had forgotten how convenient and easy integrated shifters are.

- Brakes: on the touring bike, because of weight, I had to really squeeze to come to a stop. On the light road bike, too much of a touch can throw me over the handlebars.

- Speaking of bars: riding position is different and took some getting used to.

- No granny gear on the road bike; it has a compact crank.

I only did 12 miles over Davis Mountain and back up and over Finley Cove. One of my favorite quick loops-- because I can leave from my house and it has some challenging climbs and fast descents.

The other difference I am noticing is the conditioning. I climbed the first part of Davis Mountain Road faster than I have ever before. Further up, is a short, steep hill that I always have to come out of the saddle to clear. Not today. Stayed seated and cruised up. Finley Cove usually slowly wears me down by the time I get to the top. I was tired, but not as beat as usual. And I was able to climb in a higher gear than I usually do.

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Emily said...

Sounds great Heang, welcome home!