Sunday, October 4, 2009

"That Guy"

"We got 'that guy' sitting in front of us"

That was the text message I received from John Hart yesterday from the Appalachian State vs Citadel game in Charleston. A few weeks ago, John made the road trip with me to see Elon take on Wake Forest at Groves Stadium. In our row, to the left, was a very obnoxious Elon fan. He was not only loud, but he was annoying. Choose your own orifice adjectives (--hole, --head, etc) didn't seem to fit him. When John asked how would I describe him, I simply replied, "He's 'that guy' ".

This is my simple test to see if you are the jerk fan. If you answer "yes" to one or more of the following, you might be "That Guy".

1) If you start chants or cheers and you are the only one chanting/cheering, you might be "that guy".

2) If you can't just cheer for your team but also have to berate opposing fans (or even your own team's fans), you might be "that guy."

3) If during the game, the area around you gets bigger and more empty (especially amazing in a packed stadium), you might be "that guy".

4) If you curse and have disregard for women, children and humanity in general during games, you might be "that guy".

5) If you yell at the refs for every call, you might be "that guy".

6) If you yell, "HEY REF, THAT'S HOMECOOKING" and your team is the home team, then you ARE "that guy."

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Jennie Fisher said...

He SO WAS that Guy! :)