Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Josh Nesbitt

Josh Nesbitt will not win the Heisman trophy. He is not going to garner lots of accolades for his passing skills. When talking about great college quarterbacks this year, his name will probably not come up. As a matter of fact, he spent the early part of the season being ripped by Georgia Tech fans for being inadequate as a passer.

Josh Nesbitt is a warrior. He is a great leader. He plays quarterback in an offense where quarterbacks take a beating. He gets hit a lot. He is tough. Josh almost single handledly beat Boston College last year. He was one of the main reasons Georgia Tech nearly beat Virginia Tech last season. And this year, he put the Yellow Jackets on his back and helped carry the team to victory over a very emotion Florida State team.
This clip exemplies the competitor that Josh Nesbitt is. After Florida State picks up the fumbled pitch, Nesbitt rips the ball back in perhaps the most important play of the game. It's incredible. It's very gutsy. But gutsy is Josh Nesbitt.

A few plays later, he scores on this 22 yard touchdown run: a run that would not have existed had he not stripped the ball from the FSU defender.

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