Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Observations - Apr 26

- Congratulations to Felisha Garren. The former North Henderson athlete and Western Carolina freshman ran on the 4x400m team that won the Southern Conference Championship this weekend at Georgia Southern. Their time was 3:44.99. Fe also placed 4th in the 400 and 5th in the 200.

- I went to a presentation from the Grace team that went to Uganda in February. Pray for me and see if that's something that is in God's will for me in the future. In the meantime, check out the video:

- Please go to this website and sign the e-petition if you support it. The proposed trail would go along my backyard. When I first bought the house 7 years ago, the train ran twice a day. It hasn't run for at least two years. Here's more info:

- Quote of the Week:
"Somalia is what happens when you let teenagers run a country" - Paul Larate

- Quote of the Week II (While at a cookout at Laura's on a beautiful spring evening):
Sara: "Why would anyone want to leave Asheville?"
Ruth: "The better question is: Why would anyone want to leave us?"
True, so true...

Song of the Week:
It showed up on my TV last week and then was used at Grace this morning.

Crush of the Week:
When I was hired at North Henderson, David Pierce was teaching in my room. He was moved so I could be next door to the great Dot Case. Coach Pierce was also the girl's track coach. When he retired, I was asked to fill his position. Coach Pierce was an avid outdoorsman who liked to fish, bike and canoe/kayak and we often talked outdoors adventures.

He retired from teaching but continued to coach track at rival West Henderson. Two years ago, during a windstorm, he went to his favorite spot to fly fish. On his way out, a large tree branch fell and hit him, causing severe head injuries. A friend found him when his wife called because he had not returned. He spent several weeks in hospital because of his head injuries and several more weeks in rehab. For a while, it was a huge question mark if he would regain all his motor skills because of the head trauma.

Here are some of the Times-News articles:
Pierce Returns to Role of Starter for WHKP Relays
After Severe Injury, Pierce Back at West
Pierce Remains in Critical Condition

Good news is that Coach Pierce is back. He was the starter for the WHKP Relays that we hosted before spring break and again this past Tuesday for the County Meet. The photo above is him working as starter for the Mountain to Seas meet at Western Carolina a few weeks ago. Two years ago, many wondered if he would even walk again for how productive he might be. Truth be told, he looks pretty good.


Emily said...

brilliant question by sarah and answer by ruth, glad somethings never change...

Paul said...

Sweet, I'm published! Now I can start charging appearance fees. Not coming up for Mother's Day, by the way, 'rents coming down to keep Billy's girls instead. Still may visit soon, will let you know. We both need to practice golf today, specifically putting.