Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Observations - Apr 12

- Congratulations to the Tarheels. Dominated the Spartans. Way to represent the state and the ACC.

- As the game was be ginning, I get a call from my buddy Doug: "Did I just see Christina Storm on TV? She's got a pink jacket on."

Christina was one of my runners and a sophomore at UNC. So I send her a text:
"Are you wearing a pink jacket? I think you were just on TV."
Her reply, "YEAHHHHH! whoooaaaahhhh go heels!"
Can you find her among the sea of baby blue?

- We had a murder on Thursday here in Hendersonville. The victim was a friend of the community who's wife is the bookkeeper at West Henderson. She was there when I was a student there. There are three in custody, one was a student-athlete at the school I work at and another was on my homeroom roster (though he never showed). Here's a link to the article.

- I saw Godspell at the Orange Peel last night. It was put on by the Highland Acting Company, which is part of Highland Christian Church that meets at the Peel on Sunday mornings. It was a great show. Directing was excellent, choreography and singing superb. Neat modern twist on an old show with it's Asheville tie ins and the original Resurrectio scene. The original show ended with the cruxifition, the Highland Actors added a new ending with the resurrection.

It was a very appropriate show for Asheville, because I think Jesus would have loved the diversity of Asheville a lot more than most churches have loved the people of Asheville. Also, it was a reminder that it was religion that killed Christ. Some things just never change.

- Good job Angel. Cabrera, that is. Way to stay in there and not quit. Although Kenny Perry winning at Augusta would have been a nice story.

Crush of the Week:
I watched V for Vendetta this week. Loved it. There's so much going on at both cinematic and thematic levels. It was both eye catching and though provoking, drawing many allusions to George Orwell's 1984. It really was a great movie that also featured my longtime celebrity crush: Natalie Portman.

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