Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Blog Interview: Ms Case

Something I am going to try to do in my blog is introduce you to some of the interesting people around me. I don’t know how often I am going to do this, maybe twice a month or so. Today I am going to introduce one of the most amazing people in my life: Ms Dot Case. Ms Case “adopted” me when I arrived at North Henderson in the fall of 2000. She teaches US History and AP US History and AP Government. I have been lucky enough to be next door to Ms Case for my entire teaching career. She has fought and stood up for me, encouraged me, brought me cake, cheered for my athletes and has been outstanding to me just like she has to hundreds of other students at Edneyville and North Henderson High Schools over the past 37 years.
HKU: What is your full name?
Dot Case: Dorothy Leigh Reid Case

HKU: Where were you born?
DC: Asheville, but I have lived my entire life in Henderson County.

HKU: How many years have you been teaching?
DC: since 1969

HKU: What do you like most about teaching?
DC: I love the kids and the variety of everyday. I like seeing young teachers develop into good teachers. I love history, I get to do what I like. I like to see kids reach their potential.

HKU: How has education changed since you started?
DC: Because of kids working and cars, the school is not the center of the community anymore. Kids participated more, but now because of increased freedom they have jobs. They are more technological; kids have more going on but are less motivated. Our facilities are better, the class load is less. I had 36 in my class when I started. Kids are smarter because of technology, but don’t use it [smarts] as much. There are more opportunities for college scholarships for our students.

HKU: If you weren’t teaching, what would you have done?
DC: (long, long pause…she really thought hard before she replied) I don’t think God called me to do anything else. Just like preachers are called to preach, I believe I was called to teach. If I could do anything else right now, I might be a lawyer or politician.

HKU: What are the challenges you see in education?
DC: Keeping young teachers in the profession. There are too many roadblocks with money and discipline.

HKU: If you were principal, what would your school be like?
DC: The dress code would be stricter, possibly even uniforms. Hopefully that would do away with some of the class stigma. I won’t make rules I don’t enforce and the school would know I mean what I say. Teachers would be supported and I would be fair to both kids and teachers. I would give credit where credit is due, start traditions and kill myself being at every event my students are in.

HKU: Who are your heroes?
DC: I am a teacher because of one of my teachers, Mr. Woodson, who was awesome and I wanted to be like. Elaine McCall, my supervising teacher was strict, fair and tough. Mom and dad for my Christian background. Mrs Briggs, my Christian mentor.

HKU: Who’s your favorite teacher in the department [with lots of winking by yours truly]?
DC: I always wanted 4 boys but never had children. So I feel like the Lord has blessed me with four wonderful boys that I call my own. [this was the diplomatic answer. Ms Case works with myself, Coach Coren, Coach Rice, Coach Manuel and Coach Inman]

Social Studies Department at North Henderson:

l-r: Bill Rice, me, Chad Inman, Dot Case, Luke Manuel, Ronnie Coren

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most blessed mother said...

Coach, I really enjoyed your interview with Mrs. Case. She is my hero and my favorite most influential teacher. My son considers her his 2nd Mother. We are blessed to have her in our lives. My youngest daughter is in AP US this year. I hope they connect in a special way.