Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Natalie's Hair

Natalie Nock is such a cool kid. When lots of kids her age are thinking about what's best for them, Natalie decides she wants to raise money for cancer. If she can raise 2000 dollars, she'll shave her head. With the help of the community and North Henderson High School, Natalie met her goal. This is her right after her haircut.

Here she is earlier in the day: http://www.flickr.com/photos/huy02/2538019886/

It's such a great reminder of how well we have it and a wonderful tribute to cancer survivors. Natalie's hair will grow back; for someone undergoing chemo, their hair is the least of the their worries.

It reminded me of a week I spent one summer working at a camp in Maryland called Camp Friendship. All the campers were children with some sort of cancer (and their siblings). Many of them were not expected to see their eighteenth birthday. Yet they were some of the happiest people I've been around. The things that worry us and get us down daily don't bother them as much. Today, and each new day is the gift, so let's celebrate that.

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