Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, Canada!

Why do I love Canada so much? Everytime I visit I am reminded how I just love this place!
Maybe its the air?
It might be all the good Chinese and other Asian foods.
Perhaps its the fact that I think Canadian girls are very pretty.
Is it the fact that this is the world's second largest country but not even in the top ten in population?
Or that I have not been to a place in Canada that I have not liked. Prince Edward Island... gorgeous. Calgary... one of my favorite cities. Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise... stunning!

I do know one thing that I definitely like. Canadians don't take themselves near as serious as Americans do. They are mostly chill; as Americans we sometimes get so wound in our own complexes. We always have to be superior and always have to let everyone around us know we are great too. It happens at a national and individual level all around. I think Canadians know that America could blow them off the map and they really don't care. It's a good place.

I read a T-shirt in Calgary two years ago (paraphrased):
What's the difference between an American and a Canadian? Nothing, except that one is not carrying a gun and has health care.
If you were in my world history class last semester, I revealed to my students my secret plan to take over the world. It involves three steps:

1) Move to Canada (no one would expect it)
2) Take over Canada (Canadians would never see it coming)
3) Take over America (Americans would never see it coming) then rest of the world.

Here's to world domination....

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