Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carless in Olympic

I incorrectly assumed that I could see Olympic National Park and most of the Olympic Peninsula without a car. The bus systems of Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam Counties seem efficient enough and connect to each other, if you time it right. Or if you are not traveling on a Sunday.

Spent last night in a nice hostel (Olympic Hostel... yeah, go Olympics) at Fort Worden in the wonderful town of Port Townsend. Really wanted to get to Port Angeles today, but found out yesterday that the buses don't run to Sequim to connect to Port Angeles on Sundays. I really would have been fine staying another day in Port Townsend but wanted to get to Victoria soon.

But honestly, it was a good travel day. Here were some highlights:

11:00 - Stop by Visitor's Center. Call Olympic Shuttle, who were really nice but tell me that their contract states they can only transport to and from the airport, not between towns since it would be competing with local transit. I asked, "even on Sundays, when they don'r run?" Sorry, he says.

11:30 - Nice couple working the visitor's center, feeling bad for me and learning that I was gonna hitchhike, offer to take me to the junction of HWY 20 and US 101.

11:45 - Dropped off by Pauline and her dog at US 101.

About 12:15 - Picked up by Laurie and Jeff and their new kitten. I've waited two and half hours for a ride before, so 30 minutes was a godsend.

12:30 - Dropped off at casino near Sequim. I inquire about their shuttle to Port Angeles, the casino people want no part of me.

12:45 - Wait up the road from casino.

12:50 - Picked up by Paul, who was on his way from his job of growing algae to feed oysters. Shortest wait ever for a ride. Paul likes my idea of going to Victoria and then Vancouver. He tells me I'll like Vancouver because, "they have the best pot in the world". Personally, I was hoping he would say something like tapas, mountain biking, or sea lion pups but oh well. He drops me off right at the ferry terminal.

1:30 - ticket purchased.

1:45 - lunch and blogging at Rick's Cafe.

Regrettably, I won't be visiting Oympic National Park. That will have to be the next trip.
Next stop: Canada!

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with all the hitchhiking! It sounds really neat, just trusting strangers and getting a glimpse into their everyday life. Maybe one day, I will hitchhike to to Nova Scotia:)