Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gas Light

Last Friday morning, my gas light on the Ducati came on. I was heading towards Asheville in the afternoon with plans to stop at a gas station in Fletcher that I often get fuel. Riding up HWY 25, things are great. Then the engine dies. Yep, I've run out of fuel.

Things were fine because I was right in front of the gas station and I could coast into it. I had timed it perfect... I was a genius! It was only when I got into the gas station that I saw that it was closed for renovations. No gas! I ended up having to walk 1/3 mile back to get gas for the bike.

Don't we do that a lot? Ride the gas light seeing how much we can get out of the tank of fuel. Just like me, when the tank is empty, we find we are not in a place to refuel. So what do we have left? Only a empty tank and nowhere to go.

Here's what went through my mind when I was fueling my bike:

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