Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour de France

So, I just read that Lance thinks he's out of contention in Le Tour. I've been thinking, we have a lot in common-- me and Tour riders. First, we ride bikes. Second, we ride bikes a long distance. During the me time-- you know just pedaling along and thinking-- I did come up with some reasons why I wished I was in the tour:

- Post ride massages- Man, I'm in need of one of those.
- Team chefs- though it's hard to beat the Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, WY.
- Drafting and chatting in the peloton
- Podium girls

Reason I am glad I am NOT riding in Le Tour:

- Racing - I would miss the scenery
- I wouldn't meet as many cool and friendly people that want to help me. In the tour they want to beat me.
- The pay sucks unless you are in contention for GC (General Classification) or can sneak a few stage wins.
- I'd miss my Bella Blue, my trusty Surly (and BOB the trailer too)
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