Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dejongs

These guys deserve their own post.

I am at the KOA in Dubois yesterday, working on getting my air in my tires with my little handpump. Up walks this couple who ask if I would like an easier pump. They are from Grand Rapids, Michigan and on a western tour in their RV. Warren has done some biking, so he wanted to talk. Ester wanted to be sure I was bright and visible when I rode.

Anyway, Warren had a real pump (with a gauge!) that not only simplified things but let me know exactly how under-inflated my tires were.

As I pull into the Cowboy Cafe for breakfast this morning before my long ride (and you know it's gonna be good because there were no open tables), I see Ester waving at me insisting I sit with them. We had a great conversation over breakfast and coffee. One of the friendliest couples you will ever meet. Very proud of their kids and grandkids. At the end, they insisted that they buy my breakfast for which I was very grateful.

We took pictures and hugged before I headed on my way. They were heading to Cheyenne. I asked them to honk when they passed me on the road. About 15 miles down the road, my day was made when I heard a few short "beeps" and saw them waving as their RV passed me on HWY 26. The kindness of the people I have met on this trip have been more than incredible.
The Dejongs


Anonymous said...

Have been following your travel blog after seeing a blurb in the Citizen-Times about your trip. Fun and enjoyable reading and well-written - please keep posting updates. Your comments about the crowds in Yellowstone at Old Faithful brought back memories of past trips for me. And I agree with you in general about the friendly and magnanimous nature of people one meets when traveling.
Wishing you safe travels!
Jack Tarleton - Asheville High Track

Kate said...

Your trip is making me love America more than I thought possible.