Sunday, August 23, 2009

High in Sitka

I was in Sitka six days. On three straight days I got to summit some of the mountains around the town. Climbed Gavan Hill solo one day, Starrigavan with Emma the next and we were joined by Ben on Verstovia the third.

Here's what I saw (click to enlarge):

Gavan Hill (Elevation ~2500 ft)
Mt Edgecumbe
Gavan Hill Steps
Baranof Island

Starrigavan (Elevation 2875)
Emily ascending
Emily being Emily
This is a good one
209/365 - 30 July [Starrigavan]

Verstovia (Elevation 3350)
Verstovia (or is it Arrowhead?)
Top of the World!
Down to earth
Clouds rolling

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