Monday, August 24, 2009


Sometimes, you don't tell you friends things because you don't want them to make fun of you. For example, I'm a closet Kelly Clarkson fan. Admit it, you also turn up the radio when she sings.

The other confession is that I am slowly becoming an Ochocinco fan. If you don't know, Chad Ochocinco is the wide receiver for the lowly Cincinnati Bengals. He's known for his cockiness and on field antics after touchdowns. He also legally changed his name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco (he wears number 81).

I used to think he was a self absorbed loser. I still think he likes himself, but unlike Terrell Owens, Ochocinco also likes his team. And the fans. Chad has personality and humor. Here's Sports Illustrated's Peter King, talking to Chad Johnson.

Peter King: "I'm having a lot of trouble calling you, 'Chad Ochocinco,''' I said.

Chad Ochocinco: "Just call me 'Ocho, that's not hard.''

And he can kick. He got to kick a point after in the Bengal's preseason game on Friday because the one kicker on the roster was injured. And Ocho did it well. And the ensuing kickoff was very good too, all the way to the 9 yard line. That's not bad for a wide receiver moonlighting as a kicker.

After the game, Ochocinco was pleading with the Bengals to let him handle all kicking duties. Wisely, to reduce the potential for injury to their star receiver, the Bengals said no. They signed former Wake Forest kicker Sam Swank. Asked about Swank's signing by Peter King, Ocho relied, "Totally unncecessary."

Yeah, I like this guy.


Speaking of kicking a field goal, it might be one of the hardest thing to do in team sports. A good snap needs to get to a holder who then must place the ball upright ("Laces out!" Ray Finkle is yelling) and while the kicker boots it through uprights. All this must be done in less than 2 seconds while the other 8 guys are madly blocking a rush of defenders trying to block the kick. And it's not always the kicker's fault (though in Ace Ventura, it was).

What's the gutsiest thing to do in football? Return punts. I don't mean fair catch. I mean catching, holding on to and running with the football while being covered by guys who want to knock your head off.

The most difficult thing in football? Man coverage by a cornerback. You are defensive back lined up across from Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or Randy Moss. You must backpedal and defend a guy who is 6-4 and runs a 4.4 Forty with no help. All the rules in football favor the offense too. Your job is an uphill battle. Which is why Deion Sanders was so good. Best cover corner ever. Also best ego ever, but that's another post.

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Courtney said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Ace Ventura references!!
p.s. I'm now a Bengals fan due to Swank's presence, so maybe he is a little "necessary"! ;)