Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Observations - Dec 14

1) Knights wrestling split this past week. Won our home opener against Hendersonville (47-26), but lost 42-24 at Mitchell. We did finish the wall of fame in our auxilary gymnasium. Ed Lewis, our art teacher did an amazing job designing it.

2) Yesterday was very strange for me. I didn't have an college scores to check on. It was quite sad. On several occasions, I have found myself wondering if heaven has college football. Am I strange?

3) Sam Bradford was a good choice for the Heisman. Tim Tebow would have gotten my vote, but Bradford makes a great argument (as does Colt McCoy). Perhaps Bradford's going airborne against Oklahoma State was what put him over. It will be one of the defining moments of his college career and this football season.

4) I don't know Rod Blagojevich. From the what I see on the news, I have come to these conclusions:- He is angry.
- He is greedy.
- He is arrogant.
- He has bad hair.

5) The art department at North Henderson sponsored "Empty Bowls". Students and staff created their own clay bowls and they were sold Thursday night in a banquet. The proceeds go to our Backpak program that feeds hungry students at North. Great stuff. You should have seen some of the bowls, we have some neat and creative people at the school.
Here's the article in Hendersonville News.

Crush of the Week:
I was listening to Pandora and there was a cover of the Cure's classic "Just Like Heaven". I liked the sound of it and looked to see who it was. Her name was Katie Melua, a British singer/songwriter born in the Georgia (the former Soviet Republic, not the Peach State). I listened to some of her other stuff on itunes and youtube. Some of it was okay, nothing really stood out. But "Just Like Heaven" sounded great and Katie's really cute, so she's this week's crush.

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