Sunday, April 27, 2008


"There's no place like home". You've heard it before. It's so cliche. That being said, I love my home. I think that Western North Carolina is an amazing place to be. If you have never had the chance to fly over the mountains of Western North Carolina, then you may not understand why I've heard visitors from out of state refer to this area as "God's Country".

I've lived in Hendersonville, NC off and on for a long time. I knew in college that I would want to return to teach in the mountains. And I still love it here. There have been a lot of changes, and some I have not been a huge fan of, but it remains a great place to call home.

So here is a list of some of the things I most love about my home. Add your favorites in the comments below:

1) 4 Seasons- though winter has been light on the snow the last few years, I still get to experience four distinct and renewing seasons.

2) Running into people I know- yes, the area is growing, but I still see someone I know almost everytime I go out in Hendersonville, Asheville or even Pisgah

3) Big Rock, Cove Creek, Reasonover Creek, Fletcher Creek, Sidehill... some of my favorite biking trails anywhere! Nothing is better than collecting scars with Matthew J or trying to keep up with Dylan.

4) Golfing with the boys at Connestee or High Vista. Seeing wildlife at Connestee is always great too. My negative 40 yd second shot on number 9 is infamous. Also, 2 for 1 at Red Fox!

5) Riding my bike to Saluda, stopping at the Purple Onion and climbing up the Greenville Watershed. Great ride, except for Heartbreak Hill at mile 27. Emily B knows which hill I am talking about.

6) Breakfast with Hart at the Dixie Diner. I get the omelet. This is how I imagine being an old man is: breakfast with my buddy, reading the paper and talking about nothing.

7) Rainbow Falls on the Horsepasture River. Summer days at Bust Your Butt Falls is unbeatable. Matter of fact, just about any swimming hole in Pisgah/Dupont/Nantahala is perfect in July and August.

8) Sunday Ultimate (sometimes substituted by kickball or wiffleball). I like to watch John M jump. I don't like to guard Brent.

9) Parties with themes or crafts (and always good friends). Always some good food and maybe Jessie F makes chili.

10) Grace Community Church and Watershed Youth. Crudwar, "flyers", cramming Middle Schoolers into a charter bus bathroom!

11) Dolly's Dairy Bar at the entrance to Pisgah Forest. Perfect post-ride indulgence!

12) Camping and biking at Turkey Pen along the serenity of the South Mills River. The abandoned tent always brings me back.

13) North Henderson Knights Wrestling and Track and Field (who's participants have kept me here all these years).

14) All these places are less than 2 hrs from my house: Tsali, Mt Mitchell, Deep Creek, Caesar Head, Biltmore, Grove Park, NOC, National Whitewater Center, Green River, Cold Mountain, Hot Springs, Boone, Chimney Rock.

15) Live music on Main Street or at the Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, Jack, Westville...

Now what are some of the things you love about Hendersonville, Asheville and western North Carolina?


Anonymous said...

I haven't always appreciated this area like I should. I just wanted to graduate, go to college, and move to some far away land. I realize how amazing and lucky I am to be blessed with such a beautiful atmosphere, seasons, people, and adventure here in the mountains.

indianmoonchyld said...

You! I love that most of the times that I head out that direction I get to stop and have breakfast or coffee with you and catch up. Hope you are doing well!

Revolu said...

UY! slightly disappointed nallers isn't on your list. glad to see you on the wonderful world of the internets.


heanguy said...

Of course Nallers is on the list, so is 'Nali... it's just soon they won't be physically part of WNC anymore.

Thanks for welcoming me, me likes internets...