Friday, March 28, 2008

In the beginning

I finally decided to start blogging. Why? Because I like to think and I like to write, so here I get to write what I think. I live just an interesting enough life to get to experience all sorts of neat things.

So, what am I gonna blog about? It will not just be a collection of daily summaries of events of my life. There will some of those random collections of stuff that happens to me, but there will also be just my discernments of the many events that happen close to me and globally. In other words, my random perspective. There will be observations on sports, faith, work and politics. You might find a restaurant review or recipe for spare ribs or website recommendations. You'll definitely see videos and photos that I found neat or I took myself and like a bunch. When I travel, there may be musings of the people I meet, the places I see and the adventures I partake.

I hope you enjoy reading. If no one ever reads, I am okay with that too. I just want to be able to throw out some of the junk that clutters the inside of my head. If you do happen to read, feel free to agree or disagree with me and reply. It's a good thing everyone doesn't think the way I do, otherwise this world would be a very messed up place.


Chris Knight said...

Welcome to the wunnerful world of blogging! :-)

nova said...

I started blogging too, you inspired me! Site is listed on my myspace.

Anonymous said...

I mean on my facebook. I am a part of too many networking sites...:)