Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday 7s: Nov 1

1) I hate the move to standard time. In 2015, we'd be better off just not switching clocks twice a year. Either leave it year round standard or year round daylight savings. Of course, I prefer daylight savings because I like to do things outside in the afternoon.

2) Knights Wrestling starts tomorrow. We graduated probably the best wrestler in school history in Mitchel Langford. I think we could be a better team though. Lots of talented young kids. Good depth. John Williams is starting to send us some tough kids from the Middle School. There are high expectations for this year's squad.

3)  Yesterday, Shawn Evans and I took advantage of a perfect fall day to hits some great trails in Pisgah. I may be scarce on the bike, so I wanted to make a huge day of it. In all, it was about 30 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing. Some highlights:

  • Spencer Gap: They fixed one part that only a few people could clean on the climb. Now the entire trail is ride able for me. Still one of my favorite climbs.
  • Spencer Branch: The old trail  is closed. The new trail leaves some to be desired. It has some nice rock armor, but I miss the Pisgah roots--- too smooth. The bottom is too tight, can't really get a rhythm. Maybe it will grow on me. 
  • Fletcher Creek is always great. Fast and fun and cold when you cross the creeks.
  • Shawn took me up Yellow Gap Trail, new to me. A few wet crossings and a steep push and then a nice, serene climb on singletrack to the intersection of double track. Then fast downhill. Nice to find that trail. 
  • Climbed Yellow Gap Rd to intersection of Laurel Mt.
  • I love Laurel Mt Trail. It's long and challenging without being too hard. There are some parts where you have to dismount. But most of it is rideable. And the woods were so gorgeous, peaceful and alive. It gave me energy. Pisgah is such a special place. 
  • We did not make it to the intersection with Pilot. It started getting cloudy and dark and the temps dropped. I didn't want to get rained on, so I proposed we turn around and ride down Laurel to save some time and to not get wet. Laurel was pretty fun to come down. The leaves made some parts tricky and still had to dismount for some sections, but it was a blast. 
  • Hopefully, I'll get some winter rides in. I love wrestling, but I miss my time on the bike and in the woods.
4) Did not watch the Republican debate last week, so I can't really comment much on moderators or candidates. Might we see a Rubio or Cruz surge? I still think Kasich makes the most sense of the Republican nominees. I feel bad for Bush, he's the kid that no one wants to play with with and pick on their team.

5) Take some time and be mesmerized.

6) Good eats: Local Joint, Fairview. Met Dot Case and Bill Rice there before our playoff volleyball match with AC Reynolds (which unfortunately, we lost). I first stopped here on the way to bike up to Mt Mitchell. The breakfast is excellent; if it were closer, I'd eat there all the time for breakfast. Dinner was great too. The corn chowder Ms Case described as the best she ever had. I had Taco Tuesday and that was excellent. Go eat here.

7) College Football: I can't tell which is worse--- being a Georgia Tech, Georgia or Virginia Tech fan? Lots of mediocrity to be found. The two Techs run the risk of losing two of the longest bowl streaks in the nation. Georgia thought they'd be National Champion contenders. 
  • Like him or love him, Frank Beamer is a legend and he made Virginia Tech relevant. 
  • That's another good opening along with USC, the other USC, Miami.
  • Heang's Top 7: 1- Clemson 2- Ohio State 3- TCU 4- Baylor 5- LSU 6- Michigan St 7- Notre Dame

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