Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday 7s- Oct 4

1) Hurricane Joaquin did not make landfall but push a lot of rain into the Carolinas. Western North Caroling was spared the most devastating rain, but we still got enough to cause localized flooding. South Carolina, however, was not spared. The footage from Columbia, Charleston and other coastal communities are mind boggling. Streets and buildings underwater and roads, bridges and other buildings washed away. It's going to be a mess down there for a while.

2) Went to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech-North Carolina football game. I've experienced over 10 days of almost constant rain. Got one small dry window on Wednesday and I snuck a quick ride to Jump Off Rock. It was raining in the valley below when I got to the top. Hustled back to my house just in time to beat the rain.

Our grounds are pretty saturated. Rain put a damper in the plans of our golf weekend last week and, while it didn't pour on us in Atlanta, we did get constant rain during the tailgate and the game. And the Jackets laid an egg after getting ahead 21-0. But that was nothing compared to the rain that was happening during Clemson-Notre Dame in Death Valley. Ryan flew in from Colorado to cheer for the Tigers with his buddy Nick (a ND fan). They hung out with us in Duluth on Friday before heading to Clemson on Saturday. That game looked both miserable and fantastic-ly fun to be at. Brought back memories of the monsoon game that was Georgia Tech-Clemson in 2002. That might of been the wettest I've ever been.

3) North Henderson's home football game on Friday, September 25 was postponed because of the field conditions. It was played on Monday, Sept 28, unfortuately, in the rain (which we lost in a defensive struggle). Last week was our homecoming week. We postponed homecoming festivities for Friday's game until later in October, but the game against East Henderson that was scheduled to be played on Friday is being played tomorrow.

May seem like no big deal to reschedule but a lot of people do not realize that football pays the bills. I often have to correct my students who sometimes say that we should spend less money on athletics and more on arts or other programs. While I don't necessarily disagree, in Henderson County, athletics gets no money from the county outside of activity bus, some facilities maintenance and coaching supplements. Each high school supports it's athletic programs through gate revenues and fundraising. Basically, football and basketball keep many of the other programs afloat. Those reschedules will cut into the the gate and concession revenue that we would have made on a good Friday night.

So, that being said, you can help us by supporting our Drawdown. For $100 you get two steak dinners catered by Outback and a 1/300 chance to win $5000. Best of all, almost all the money goes back to our athletes. There's no middle man or anything like that such as when you sell other items. We also need donations for door prizes and auction items. If you can help or want a ticket, see me.

4) Another week, another mass shooting. Common routine in that we mourn the victims, we blame the shooter and the various sides present their beliefs and arguments on guns. Same thing happens every time.

  • I've refrained from commenting or liking pictures, links and memes that pertain to the shooting or the issues of guns on social media. I've also avoiding posting my any of my own. At this point, many people are entrenched in their beliefs and I'm probably not going to change their mind. In truth, I probably just need to take a social media fast from everything. I did enjoy being disconnected while I was one the Great Divide.
  • I don't have answers. I wish I did. Gun advocates make some valid points but where I get lost is the instant, knee jerk reaction that any effort to have a conversation about guns means an effort to take guns away. It kills dialogue, which is what we really need. 
  • Personal accountability is a part of the equation. I'm sure there are mental health issues (though when you say that you stigmatize all people who have mental health issues who might not be dangerous but are definitely hurting in ways we cannot understand or we don't care to empathize with). Poverty is an issue, as is bullying. Let's enforce gun laws and increase the penalties for using a gun in crimes. We can even bring up violence in video games and movies. I think we should talk about all those things. But to talk about any of these issues and totally ignore guns is putting our head in the sand.
  • I posted last week that I am not against guns, I'm against our obsession with guns. We glamorize them. We have more places to purchase firearms than we have public schools in America. Only 1/3 of Americans legally own guns, but that 1/3 owns enough to give the United States the highest per capita ownership in the world (88.8 guns per 100 people).
  • Americans should be allowed to own guns. That's fundamental. We lead the industrialized world in firearm homicides, 30 people will die in the USA today from gun homicide and nearly 60 more will because of firearm suicide. That's factual. I don't know what what to do, but I do know that a Newtown, Umpqua, Aurora will happen again in the near future and we'll feel sad and angry and then nothing will change.
5) Baseball season ended today. I hate how long the season. Cut 20-25 games and get the World Series done by mid October. 
  • Dodgers will host Mets. I don't think they can win because they don't like to get hits to support two of the best pitchers in baseball. 
  • I pull for the Dodgers but I would have no problem if Jake Arrieta won the Cy Young over Zack Greinke or Clayton Kershaw.
  • Incredible stat I read: last 15 years, 585 pitchers have thrown over 200 innings. Lowest on base percentage in that time: 1) Zack Greinke, 2015 2) Clayton Kershaw, 2015 3) Jake Arrieta, 2015
  • World Series prediction from a non-baseball watcher: Blue Jays over Pirates in 6.
Amanda just finished the Great Divide. She was a Blackburn Ranger, sponsored by Blackburn through an application process. You have to use their stuff and they give you a Niner bike. I meant to apply but never got my ducks in a row. Don't think I would have beat her though, she has her act together more than I ever did. Good reads (from what I've read) and nice to relive the journey.

Speaking of which, I spent some time today since it was raining reassembling Hulkbike. She basically has sat in the basement since I've been back. Cleaned her a little and looking forward to taking her out soon.

7) College Football is a mess and it is so much fun. Who's number one? There's no clear answer, every team can be picked apart and some of the favorites have struggled mightily in wins.

  • Overrated in this week's AP Poll: Florida (11). Great win over Ole Miss, but too big a jump. Maybe mid teens. Ole Miss got too much credit for that win at Alabama. Were they really that good or did everything just bounce their way?
  • Underrated: Boise St (25)- I like the Broncos. That loss to BYU was a tough one, but they're better than some of the teams ahead of them. BYU (NR)- sure, they have two losses, but both to ranked teams. UCLA is still a top 20 teams and it's looking like Michigan is getting better every week.
  • Top 7: 1) Baylor 2) Utah 3) Michigan St 4) TCU 5) Ohio St 6) Clemson 7) Oklahoma

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