Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great Divide: By the Numbers

Some numbers from #uyridesdivide

1 flat tire (Galton Pass, BC)

1 National Park (Grand Teton)

1 National Monument (El Malpais)

1 complete fall- second to last day, sand took me down. Soft landing.

2 provinces: Alberta, British Columbia

3 countries

3.5 items lost: waterbottle descending Divide south of Butte, pair of socks in Lima, one cycling glove in Colter Bay, SOG knife coming off Carnero Pass

5 Care packages received

5 visits to bike shops: tire and seatpost in Whitefish, new chain and adjustments in Pinedale, brake pads in Breckenridge, brakes adjusted in Salida, new tire in Silver City

5 times I mailed stuff home

6 states: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Chihuahua

8 times I crossed an Interstate, (not including 6 miles I rode on I-15 coming into Butte)

14 nights spent that were not in a tent (5 in hotels, everything else free or donation lodging on the route)

25 nights spent in tent: 12 nights in campgrounds, 13 free/backcountry camping

18 National Forests: Flathead, Lolo, Helena, Beaverhead, Targhee, Bridger-Teton, Medicine Bow, Routt, Arapahoe, White River, Pike, San Isabel, Gunnison, Rio Grande, Carson, Santa Fe, Cibola, Gila

28 counties (5 Montana, 1 Idaho, 5 Wyoming, 9 Colorado, 8 New Mexico)

31.4 shortest mileage day (La Garita, CO to near the summit of Indiana Pass)

40 Days, including 3 zero days (days of no travel)

65.1 average daily mileage (70.4 if you don’t include the zero days)

104 longest mileage day (Macks Inn, ID to Colter Bay, WY)

2,607 miles traveled (according to Garmin)

159,000 ft (approx. elevation gained—that’s 30.1 vertical miles)

74 billion- estimated number of times bitten by mosquitoes

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