Monday, July 27, 2015


I was riding along passing time and I thought to myself, I wonder if people wonder what I eat. I'm gonna blog about it.

First of all, I've lost weight. I don't know how much, but one of my riding shorts now fits loose (saying a lot for spandex) and a pair of off bike shorts I brought I can literally remove without unbuttoning. 

In cafes and diners, I'll eat whatever is there and a lot of it. I'm burning a lot of calories each day. But the snacks and provisions I bring when I'm not in a dining establishment is a smorgasbord of random things.

I'm not a nutritionist that is careful about what and how much I take in, especially while bike touring. I'm gonna burn it off anyway. I just need calories. And to feel not hungry. So I take things that are easy.

The staples:
Clif Bars, Granola bars, beef jerky or Slim Jims, Trail Mix, dried fruit.

The Random:
I've been consuming a lot of Combos and I've been craving popcorn, so I might carry a little bag of that. That's stuff I would rarely buy at home, but have made me quite happy on the bike.

Tuna packages stuffed in pita or naan. Recently, peanut butter on tortilla. The dehydrated backpackers meals that friends sent were good, but I never bought any because they are hard to come by in small towns.

In the beginning, I was boiling water and making oatmeal. But then I got lazy because I didn't want to clean. Now I just boil water for coffee and have granola bars or one of those packaged danishes that you find in convenience stores.

I usually also stop at a convenience store or grocery when I arrive at a town if I am not stopping for a meal. It's an excuse to be off the bike, I can refill my bottles and they usually have ice cream. It's hot and after 40 miles ice cream and a coke or root beer just make me feel good. 

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