Thursday, May 19, 2011

... And I Feel Fine

Harold Camping says the world is going to end on Saturday, May 21.

We're running the 2A State Track meet in Greensboro on that day. I hope it at least waits until after 10:00 AM when we run the 4x800 because we really have a great shot to win. Our girls are seeded 2nd, just one second behind the 1st seed...

I'm not too worried, because if the world does end it's not like I have a lot of control over it. However, the tune up on my mountain bike and new tires on my car (both in the last two days) would seem somewhat redundant. But there are things I'll always feel like I missed out on. If the world ends on May 21, I'll never have...
  • Seen the earth from a spaceship
  • gotten to do RAGBRAI.
  • visited Iceland
  • watched the final episode of the Simpsons
  • hit a hole in one
  • shook the hand of the President of the United States (or any world leader)
  • correctly adjusted the rear derailleur on my mountain bike
  • been stranded on a deserted island
  • slept in an igloo
  • read the entire Koran (or the Bible for that matter- I always get bogged in Habakkuk)
  • been skiing
  • gotten around to finishing my teleportation machine
That's a long list and May 21 is just 26 hours away.

Oh well. Go Knights this weekend at NC A&T.

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Courtney said...

Come see me tomorrow!!!!!!!!